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New Seahorse Raised Stencil Tutorial is now up on my YouTube Channel

Posted by Annette Morison on

Hi My Stencil Family!

So happy to have a new tutorial for you up on my YouTube channel today.

Here's the link  Go have a look!

It's a tutorial on turning my little old cupboard into a beautiful unique piece featuring a Seahorse Raised Stencil that will now feature in my home. I live by the ocean and have a very beachy theme in my house going on, so putting a seahorse on a cupboard is only fitting for me LOL.

You can of course use any of my stencils to do this process, from a little cute flourish to a big Mandala... Oh the possibilities!

You can also access the video tutorials through my website under the 'Tutorials' tab. There's already some other tutorials I've made you might like as well for some ideas and tips.

Enjoy! And as always have fun!

Love n peace, Annette x


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