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New Release! Chalky Stencil Paint

Posted by Annette Morison on

Our very own stencil paint is now released!

Chalky Stencil Paint is a creamy paint with a matte chalky finish that is for decor, art and craft. The colour palettes are from the beautiful range from mezzie + frank chalk effects paints. It adheres to most surfaces. When used on furniture, it needs to be sealed. Chalky Stencil Paint can also be used on fabric.

Chalky Stencil Paint is water based and eco-friendly. 100% developed in Australia by mezzie + frank, exclusively distributed by My Stencil Lady.

Carnauba Finishing Polish (wax) is a fast-dry high-sheen polish with a hard finish for all types of wood and painted surfaces. Apply sparingly and polish immediately.

Included in each pack are 5 stencil paints with a matte chalky finish + 1 wax to seal if required. Contains 60ml of each colour and wax.

Our RRP is $39.95 AU

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