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Timber Plaques

This is our unique range of Timber Plaques.

Our Timber Plaques make it so easy to create a DIY sign or piece of hanging art. They are available in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to see our range to choose what you like best.

We have sized them to fit the average size of our stencils and transfers, but of course you can layer, and mix and match to design your very own artwork to suit.

You have the option of the plaque to come with or without 10mm holes. With the holes, they are ready to put some rope or ribbon through to hang. Without, you have the option to adhere the plaque to the front of a door to use as a raised 'bed' for further detailing to a piece of furniture for example.

We cut these in house, made to order from a beautiful hardwood plywood almost 4mm thick. Really light but quite strong and sturdy.

They may need a light clean around the cut edge as the laser burns through the timber there may be some charcoal residue left.

Each piece is unique as the hardwood panels have different grain and pattern variations. They are perfect to stain, paint or clear seal. Great to be used for stencil art, transfers, mixed media and original artwork pieces.... use however you like really!

Our Timber Plaques are uniquely created and cut in Australia by My Stencil Lady.