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Let me introduce myself and my company..... My name is Annette and I am the Artist and Owner of ‘My Stencil Lady’. 

Founded in 2015, My Stencil Lady is 100% Australian owned, designed, manufactured and operated. Furniture and home décor products are purchased and delivered worldwide and we are leaders in the industry here in Australia - Our recently lunched culinary stencils are set to follow suit.

Importantly, our stencils are unique - they’re designed by Australian artist/designer of 30 years professional experience, Annette Morison (me) and they’re made of the highest quality laser cut, food grade materials. They are easy to handle, durable and reusable many times over.

Our furniture and home décor stencils are designed with furniture in mind, perfect for the home renovator, interior designer and us mums who just want to upcycle ‘that chair’ (we know it's never just one LOL). And our culinary stencils are all made specifically for decorating your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and coffee, for home foodies and the food and catering industry. Each range has it’s own sizing and style to cater for each industry, but course you can certainly use them all to stencil onto anything you like!

Our stencils are stocked in many beautiful stores and shops around Australia, and many of those run workshops to help you love and perfect the art of stenciling. Please see our Stockist Locator Page.

If you would like to know more about My Stencil Lady, the product, retail and wholesale please get in contact with me as I’m always happy to ‘show and tell’ you more.

From food to furniture, we offer a wide range of stencil designs and products designed to ‘Help you create your artwork using ours’.

Have a beautiful day,
Annette Morison

Owner / Artist
My Stencil Lady

My Stencil Lady is 100% Australian owned, designed, manufactured and operated.