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Uni-Pro Paint Roller Rollers 5mm Nap UNi-PRO Roller Set - Mohair 5mm Nap Chalk Painting Furniture Decor Stencils

UNi-PRO Roller Set - Mohair 5mm Nap

  • $695

UNi-PRO “Little Ripper” Semi Gloss and Satin Set Mohair - 5mm Nap

  • Perfect for use with matt and gloss finishes, particularly water based paints.
  • The little ripper mini roller range combines quality components with trade fabrics to give you maximum performance and professional results.
  • Ideal for timber prep and undercoat, furniture restoration, staining, varnishing, polyurethane applications and general touch ups.
  • Mohair is best suitable for use with oil and water based enamel paints for a smooth finish for a smooth satin and gloss finish.
  • Light-weight for greater accuracy in and around small areas.
  • Ergonomic handle contoured for maximum control, low fatigue.
  • 100mm Slide-on frame construction, easy to use and compatible with slide-on mini roller covers.
  • Set contains slide-on frame plus 2x mohair roller covers.
  • 5mm nap.

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