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My Stencil Lady Stencil Stencil 880 Chalk Painting Furniture Decor Stencils

Stencil 880

  • $3300

Farmers Market Sign

Farmers Market
Eggs Bread
Locally Grown
Fresh Produce

Large - 190x285mm Design Cutout (Sheet Size 210x295mm)
XLarge - 246x285mm Design Cutout (Sheet Size 300x300mm) This one is slightly distorted up to make it a little more squared.
XXLarge - 267x400mm Design Cutout (Sheet size 300x420mm)
XXXLarge - 322x480mm Design Cutout (Sheet size 400x500mm)
XXXXLarge - 400x557mm Design Cutout (Sheet size 475x575mm)

Please Note: The stencil cut will be made to the best maximum fit of the size ordered, and the design scales to the size ordered. Please see the drop down menu for more detail sizing if applicable. If you are unsure or need a specific size please send us a message

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