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My Stencil Lady Stencil Stencil 801 Chalk Painting Furniture Decor Stencils

Lavender Stencil 801 flowers reusable stencils DIY Sign Templates and Stencils French and Paris France Style Designs

  • $3300

la fleur de lavande  (French : lavender flowers)
la fleur de lavende Lavender French Stencil 801 Design Reusable Mylar Painting and Cake Decorating Template

large - 191mmh x 275mmw design cutout (sheet size 210mmh x 295wmm)
xxlarge - 280mmh x 400mmw design cutout (sheet size 300mmh x 420mmw)
xxxlarge - 330mmh x 470mmw design cutout (sheet size 400mmh x 500mmw)
xxxxlarge - 390mmh x 555mmw design cutout (sheet size 475mmh x 575mmw)

Our stencils and templates are perfect for creating mix media art, craft, tote bags, t-shirts, upcycling furniture painting, fabric prints, going over concrete floors, walls, home decorating, scrap booking, card making, pottery, cake decorating…. Pretty much anything you can paint and create on!

Our stencils are high quality laser cut stencils created in-house in SE-Queensland, Australia and are available in a range of sizes that suit each design. Made of a semi-transparent milky white strong Mylar plastic, they are easy to handle, flexible, durable and reusable many times over. They are food grade safe, so also perfect if you are a cake decorator.

Stencil thickness 10mil or 14mil for larger sizing, they are both great for raised and textured stencilling.

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