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My Stencil Lady Stencil Stencil 660 Chalk Painting Furniture Decor Stencils

Stencil 660

  • $3600

'Air' Mandala

Bring the flow of fresh air into your life. Sweeping you into life's adventure, this mandala can help clear the air, help you refocus whilst still going with the flow of life. Helping with communication with others and the flow of speech, gaining balance within your life and being clear minded.
Place this Mandala on area you can see everyday and focus upon it when you feel you are needing these qualities in your life.

Please Note: The stencil cut will be made to the best maximum fit of the size ordered, and the design scales to the size ordered. Please see the drop down menu for more detail sizing if applicable. If you are unsure or need a specific size please send us a message

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