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Frank's Furniture Fondant

  • $2095

'Frank’s Furniture Fondant' by Mezzie and Frank


Creating raised stencils and texture is so easy!

Just like icing on the cake, Frank’s Furniture Fondant is a moulding paste that will enable you enhance and create individual looks by adding texture and detail to the most plainest of pieces.

Quick How to:
With a spatula, scrape out some fondant and place the fondant onto the edge of your trowel. Start at one edge of your taped down stencil, and drag/pull over the fondant until the design of the stencil is covered. You can smooth it out or leave high and rustic for extra texture. Lift up your stencil very carefully from one end to the other, and you are left with a raised design. Leave to dry and harden ready to paint :)
Tip: Don't press to hard or the fondant may get pushed under the stencil and 'bleed' or 'leak'.
Tip: you can tint the white fondant with paint for a coloured fondant

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