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Mont Marte Studio Crackle Paste Green Chalkboard Paint 250ml - Green Chalk Painting Stencils Australia

Chalkboard Paint 250ml - Green

  • $695

Chalkboard Paint 250ml - Green

Goes great on our Timber Plaques!

Please note: This is not chalk paint for furniture, it's to make a good old chalkboard :)

Create your own chalk board surface with Mont Marte chalk paint. Transform surfaces like wood, metal, plaster board or glass with this water based paint.

Apply 2-3 thin coats ensuring sufficient drying time between each coat. Non toxic



  • A foam roller is recommended for a smooth finish.
  • Regular chalk works well and removes with a damp wet cloth. Artist pastels can be used, however it needs a little more care when removing.
  • Constant washing over time may compromise the finish and a top up coat recommended.

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